The Baker's Bean

The Bakers Bean Menu
Breakfast Sandwich
House made English muffins with cheese, turkey
and egg cooked inside.

Sausage Souffle
Eggs, bread, cheese and turkey sausage cooked together.
Lemon Cranberry Scone
Pecan Scone
Cinnamon Roll
Strawberry-Rebab Coffee cake
Chocolate Pecan Brownie
Brie and Pear
Stuffed into a bagel dough and baked with candied pecans

Turkey and Stuffing
Turkey with cranberries sauce and craisins stuffing rolled into a
brioche dough and baked

Braised Beef Short Rib
Slowly cooked beef short ribs with blue cheese cooked in?
Mixed Greens
House smoked deli turkey with cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes and a side of ranch or balsamic vinaigrette.
Apple Salad 
house dried apples with blue cheese, and shaved almonds over mixed greens with dressing on the side 

                             12oz       16oz       20oz
Drip Coffee       $2.50     $3.00      $3.50                            Non-Caffeinated Beverages
Espresso            $1.50     $2.25     $3.00                               Hot Chocolate $3.25 $4.00 $4.75
Americano        $2.75     $3.50     $4.25                               Hot Tea              $2.00 $2.25  $2.50
Cappuccino      $3.25     $4.10     $4.95
Latte                    $3.25     $4.10     $4.95
Mocha                 $4.00     $5.00     $6.00                            Extras
Frappuccino     $4.00     $5.00     $6.00                                Add a shot of Espresso $0.75
Ice Coffee           $2.50     $3.00     $3.50                                Add a shot of flavoring $0.75
Ice Tea                $2.50     $3.00     $3.50                                     

Hours of Operation
40 s Baker ave 
Baker NV 89311
The Baker's Bean Location Only 
 6:30 am - 2:30 pm PST